Parenting from the Soul

2 Day workshop

Timings : 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.
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Parenting from the Soul offers creative guidance to unlock your natural parenting wisdom so you can

  • Enhance two-way communication between you and your child,
  • Understand your child – from the inside out,
  • Enhance a secure attachment,
  • Increase cooperation,
  • Promote your child’s emotional well-being,
  • Promote your child’s behavioral well-being,
  • Be empowered in your role as parent,
  • Parent from your own set of conscious values and beliefs, and
  • Make the parenting relationship more joyous and alive.


Parenting from the Soul series of two-day intensive workshops is designed for people who are serious about their parenting journey, and wish to connect authentically to their children and to their own authentic selves.  The workshop is for parents who are committed to creating a family environment based on love, and who see the parenting journey as an opportunity for personal growth.

During the Parenting from the Soul workshop, participants take an experiential journey from the roots of their own childhood, through the challenges that emerge and impact on their family to exploring their current parenting role.  The key to our own wisdom and intuition as a parent lies in our body-memory of having been a child ourselves. Revisiting our own childhood is something we don’t do often enough – and yet, our ‘inner-child’ memory holds so many answers!  The workshop is both educational and experiential – it is a unique journey into participant’s own wisdom, offering some time to connect within and with a small, supportive and likeminded peer group whilst also providing an opportunity to discover un-owned parts of self that can support the parenting journey.

The educational journey will cover the following topics:

  • Tapping into emotional well being of the parent.
  • Healing areas of trauma, pain or emotional im balance created during parent’s childhood, teenage years, marriage years and working on spouse relationship.
  • Building a strong, positive network of energy and belief health for another soul’s upbringing.
  • Secure attachment – what it is and how to develop it in our children.
  • How our past impacts on our present – from a neurological perspective.
  • Safe emotional expression – supporting tears and tantrums in our children and ourselves.
  • Developing our own parenting philosophy.
  • The key skills of attachment oriented discipline.
  • Conscious communication processes.
  • Self Nurture and Self Compassion – the importance of treating ourselves with love. ETC…..


Working with experiential and creative modalities, participants will re-connect with their innate parenting wisdom, discovering answers to their parenting challenges from within, creating an opportunity for long lasting change.

  • Communication skills in parenting.
  • Understanding emotions and their place in healing stress and trauma .
  • Managing behaviors through relationship.

Who should attend the workshop:

These workshops are for parents, step parents, foster carer, kinship carer or anyone wanting to increase their connection with a child in their life.  It is aimed at developing a better understanding of the parenting relationship and at promoting the development of positive relationships. The workshop is especially helpful for parents whose child has experienced a trauma or stressful life event or is in an ongoing stressful situation.

Over the series of workshops we will cover:

  • Knowing and understanding what you bring to parenting.
  • Understanding child development, attachment and behavior.
  • Core concepts in building attachment and the importance of providing a ‘secure base’
  • Parenting Styles
  • Communication skills in parenting
  • Understanding emotions and their place in healing stress and trauma

At the completion of the workshop series participants should have an enhanced understanding of what they bring to the parenting relationship and an understanding of a parenting approach that is sustainable and that promotes lasting family relationships.

Duration: 2 day workshop from 10 am-4pm on both the days.