Access Bar Consciousness

This is a certified 1 Day workshop

Timings : 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.
+91 98337 02262

Tamanna C is a certified Access Bar facilitator, introduced by Garu Doughlas and Dain Heer. During this workshop Tamanna C introduces the subject of bars which are 32 electrical points placed on your head each standing as a sorage ground for multi life memories with aspects such as money, body, healing, control, power, sexuality etc. During the course of the orkshop you wil learn to tap into these energies and learn the specific points to clear excess data/ fears/ beliefs etc for cleansing of deep rooted memories and blocks. After having learnt this points you are also free to practise this on other people, either personally or professionally.

Duration: 1 Day from 10 am -5pm.

This is a certified workshop.